I think the idea about travelling around the world was born in the mid 80's when my cousin returned from a journey to Australia where he was working his way around the country. I was just a kid, not even sure that I knew where this magnificent continent was. Time went by, and while I was studying in the early 90's, started my friend's sister on a journey with her boyfriend around the world.
I followed the trip at a distance, via letters and postcards and was thrilled on their behalf. Then one day, and I remember it quite clear, I was standing in the shower, and suddenly the idea was born. Now it was my time to go travelling......
I started doing some research at the local library, remember the internet was not yet present, and I made a plan.

During the last year of studying, this was my major side project.

Two years later I was ready to take off, after spending 13 month working almost 24/7 to save the money that I thought was necessary.
My backpack was packed, I had the plane tickets in my back pocket and the two first nights of accommodation was booked in Beijing. 31 of January 1996 a new chapter in my life started. I was suddenly on my own in China, and the first goal was to travel thru this amazing country and reach my next flight out of Hong Kong. And so it went, country by country with some incredible experiences underway. I received news from home every 3 weeks or so and made a few collect calls, mostly to my parents, although it was really expensive for them.
There was no Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Imessage ,Snapchat, e-mail, MMS or SMS available back in 96', only stamps and paper.
So I was pretty much on my own out there.......
After 10 month of travelling I returned to Denmark with a ton of good memories that I'll try to share with you.

So please stay and take a look around 🙂




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